Lalizas Buoyancy Aid Pro Race, 50N, ISO 12402-5


Lalizas Buoyancy Aid Pro Race, 50N, ISO 12402-5

  • Ideal for ski, jet ski, canoe kayak & sailing.
  • Designed as the ultimate high performance jacket.
  • Compact design, ideally suited for dinghy sailors, sport canoeists and windsurfers.
  • It features high-density soft PVC foam buoyancy, double sided velcro waist straps, side entry zip, a mesh front pocket and SOLAS Retroreflective Tapes (70180).
  • The unique double velcro waist strap makes it fully adjustable to a variety of chest size users.
  • The elastic band shoulders make it to fit younger users.
  • Approved to the European standards for 50N buoyancy aids, ISO 12402-5.
  • All of its raw materials are tested per ISO 12402-7 & ISO 12402-8, for higher strength, quality and durability.
  • Available in 3 sizes in red and orange colour.
  • CE
Code (Red) 71443 71444 71445
Code (Orange) 71446 71447 71448
Buoyancy (Nt) >35 >45 >50
Body Weight (kg) 25-40 40-70 >70
Chest Size (cm) 65-80 80-100 100-130


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